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Strategic Direction

In April 2017, a review of the Values, Mission and Strategic Goals was undertaken. The Strategy is monitored and reviewed at each Board meeting. The current Strategic guidance documents are:

Our Mission

To advance the quality of access to podiatry in New Zealand

Our Values

Integrity: We act with integrity and respect in all we do. We are each personally accountable for the highest standards of behaviour, including honesty, transparency and fairness in all aspects of our work.


Leadership: We aim to support the profession of podiatry leading by example with vision, acting in the best interests of those receiving podiatric care.


Excellence: We are committed to robust governance, continuous quality development, and application of best practice principles in all that we do.


Collegiality: We aim to actively engage our members and stakeholders to work together to enhance and advance the standard of the podiatry profession.


Our Strategic Goals


1. Facilitating Collegiality

The purpose of this goal is to facilitate cooperative relationships between colleagues. Engaging podiatrists on a local, branch and national level. PodiatryNZ is aiming to better communication, training and relationships between the association and members, members and other members and members and other stakeholders. The success of this goal will be measured through feedback, increases in membership and better patient care.


2. Supporting Podiatrists

Supporting podiatrist to improve the job satisfaction of members throughout all stages of their careers. This will be achieved through analysis of the workforce to identify problem areas. PodiatryNZ will also foster relationship with new graduates, and work to improve job satisfaction of podiatrists through the different stages of their career.


3. Expanding career specialisation

To assist members to maintain and improve job satisfaction by continuing to grow and develop in their career. PodiatryNZ is to support this development through activities and training programs related to various career specialisations. PodiatryNZ will work collaboratively to achieve prescribing rights for podiatrists, deliver high risk foot program, Deliver sports program, and to further clinic handbook with development into an audit process.


4. Succession Planning

PodiatryNZ will develop a process that will ensure the continuity and growth of the board, members and staff. This will involve a process for transitioning key staff and developing a succession plan, including induction and governance and development program for members.