Sports Accreditation


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Our vision for our sports accreditation program


  1. To be a collegial group of professionals who are passionate about best practice in sports practice management.
  2. To deliver quality sports outcomes for clients through advanced podiatric skills and knowledge.
  3. To provide a client focused competency pathway for developing specialist skills and knowledge in sports podiatry.


The sports podiatrist?

Sports podiatrists are a valuable asset in injury management and prevention and provide better outcomes for the active community.

The intended audience for treatment by the sports podiatrist include professional, elite, young and amateur athletes, including active people who have sustained injury in day to day life.

A sports podiatrist is a healthcare professional with an interest in human structure and function and associated medical abnormalities that have implications on the active community.

Sports podiatrists demonstrate advanced expertise in the diagnosis of foot, ankle and lower limb pathology. They assess their patients using advanced biomechanical analysis and utilise injury management techniques through alteration of lower limb function using orthotic therapy, adaptation of rehabilitation and training, exercise, strength and conditioning of the lower limb, footwear prescription and strapping.

They use a collaborative multidisciplinary approach, integrating their skills with other medical and health professionals, coaches, trainers and support staff for the purposes of preventing injury, restoring optimal function and contributing to the enhancement of sporting performance and an active lifestyle.

Sports podiatrists have a thorough understanding and awareness of the implications of injury for an athlete and those around that athlete, and they maintain autonomy in their decision-making, ensuring their duty of care to the athlete in an environment of many potential conflicts of interest.

Sports podiatrists work within codes of professional and ethical practice. They engage in on-going continuing education and are gold standard – critically analysing their practice and developing new knowledge through research they have created a professional environment that enables the implementation of best practice.

Why Sports PodiatryNZ?

Sports Podiatry is a special interest group within the Podiatry New Zealand membership. It offers members a structured, educational and practical pathway that can result in individuals being provided with sports accreditation status with Podiatry New Zealand.

Sports Podiatry supports and enables PodiatryNZ members to deliver robust, reliable, consistent management to the podiatric sports patient.


Who should attend Sports PodiatryNZ events?

Anyone is welcome to attend training events. Training will be applicable to podiatrists in general practice as well as those who have a significant interest in active people.


Achieving accreditation


To achieve accreditation as a PodiatryNZ recognised sports podiatrist a member must meet the minimum requirements:

  1. Have graduated and be working in clinical practice for at least four years.
  2. Have spent at least 2 years undertaking suitable study on PodiatryNZ fundamentals and practical competencies.
Prior Learning

Recognition of prior learning must be within 5 years of starting the pathway, the exception being study that has resulted in a National Certificate or higher level of education.

Foundation competencies are able to be cross credited if participants have a Postgraduate Diploma in Sport and Exercise Medicine (PGDipSEM) or equivalent.
The way podiatrists meet the standards can change over time because of improvements in technology or changes in practice. As an autonomous professional association, PodiatryNZ will seek advice and support from education providers, employers, colleagues and others to be able to make informed decisions about applicants who are looking for alternate pathways to meet the applicable standards.
To become accredited, all applicants must attend the two-day practical competency workshop.

How will participants be assessed?

Fundamentals knowledge assessment:

The fundamentals knowledge assessment will be a series of multichoice questions which evaluate the understanding of fundamental principles of treating active people. Particpants must receive an 80% pass rate in each of the six foundation competency areas.   Resources to assist learning and revision will become available prior to the workshop. The resources are not an exclusive list, but rather a guide. Self-initiated research is encouraged.


Practical’s Assessment

Participants will need to demonstrate to their peers that they have contributed in the training, been able to communicate their decision-making abilities and demonstrate that they have been able to critically assess and evaluate each patient’s condition.
The practical’s assessment is not based on pass/fail or right/wrong answers. The assessment requires recognition that participants can demonstrate their ability to assess, evaluate and treat conditions relevant to active people.

On successful completion of the fundamental’s assessment and participation in the two-day practical competency workshop, successful candidates will be invited to become PodiatryNZ Sports Accredited. A PodiatryNZ sports accredited podiatrist will be able to use the post nominal M.Sport.PodNZ.


Maintaining accreditation

PodiatryNZ maintains a list of

accredited sport podiatrists. To remain on this list podiatrists must:

  1. Maintain financial membership of PodiatryNZ.
  2. Must undertake 10 hours of training per year relating to subjects within the            PodiatryNZ sports framework
  3. Participate in at least 5 hours of PodiatryNZ sponsored sports training.
  4. Every time PodiatryNZ membership is renewed, sports podiatrists will be asked to sign a declaration indicating that the above requirements have been achieved.

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