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A membership with PodiatryNZ opens the podiatric health professional to a world of knowledge and opportunity

At PodiatryNZ we believe that putting our members’ clients and patients first is essential. By always thinking of the needs of clients and patients we can continually adapt our services to ensure our members are equipped to meet the changing needs of their clients and patients.
PodiatryNZ membership programs are designed to make it easy and affordable for members to access the information and support needed to be an effective professional. This assists members to work at “top of scope” and to change the world they work in for the better.
If you would like to become a member of PodiatryNZ you can apply online.

Here’s another 8 good reasons to join PodiatryNZ.

1. Indemnity Insurance. Your membership includes a range of liability insurances (medical malpractice, public liability and statutory liability). Through our brokers, members are also able to access affordable business cover.
2. A Unified Voice. There’s a lot of truth behind the saying “strength comes in numbers”. If you want to create change within the profession, you’re far more likely to succeed if you have a group of peers alongside you.
3. Credibility. We are often seen as the face and voice of our profession. Because of that, members are viewed as credible professionals that are important to Podiatry. As a member, you are also considered as a leader in the profession.
4. Networking Opportunities. Whether you’re face-to-face at conference or on a training program, you’ll have numerous opportunities to create meaningful connections with other professionals.
5. Professional Development. We provide a wealth of knowledge and educational opportunities to help your business and career flourish. Between all the conferences, events, webinars and certification programs offered, your opportunities for learning are here.
6. Visibility within the Profession. There’s no better way to get noticed professionally than by participating, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can raise your profile simply by getting involved.
7. Special Access to Events. One of the perks of membership is the privileged access you’ll have at events. Not only do we offer discounts to members sometimes our events are restricted to members only.
8. Access to One-of-a-Kind Insights. When your part of PodiatryNZ, you are part of an exclusive group that has access to valuable industry information efficiently and affordably. You’ll find yourself turning to our newsletters, position papers, social networks and events to help you develop actionable ideas and profitable strategies.

These are just a few of the incentives for joining an industry association. But remember - your experience is what you make of it. Joining is the first step toward fulfilling your professional goals. The association will hand you the tools for success, but it’s up to you to put them to use.
Here is quick access to some of our key benefits.

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If you would like to become a member of PodiatryNZ you can apply online.