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This year there will be three MasterClasses. They will be run concurrently and numbers to each will be limited. Choose carefully and register early to be sure you receive your preferred option.


All MasterClasses are on Thursday 7th July and commence at 9.30am to enable delegates to travel into Wellington. MasterClasses will finish at 5.30pm.


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Tendinopathy and WoundCare Masterclass is SOLD OUT!


MasterClass - Wound Care


Designed in conjunction with the Wound Care Society, this informative programme will contain informative up to date evidence based practice, practical demonstrations and opportunities to try-out new techniques in wound care. The full programme will be presented in April.




Richard is an Infectious Diseases Physician and Microbiologist. Richard’s main research interest is in antibiotic pharmacokinetics.  He has recently chaired the NZ branch of the Australasian Society of Infectious Diseases and now run an national email network for the society.   


Dr Everts will provide expert commentary on NZ Infection Prevention and Control Research Review.

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MasterClass - Tendinopathy



Teasing out tendons below the knee: covering what you need to know from the heel to the brain, clinical differential diagnosis, pain management and rehabilitation.


Listen to an interview with Dr Rio on Radio National Sunday 6th March.


Dr. Ebonie Rio

A stand out presenter at our 2014 Conference, we are delighted that Dr Ebonie Rio will conduct this MasterClass in Wellington.


After completing her PhD at Monash University, Ebonie has now started postdoctoral studies at the La Trobe Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre, where she will test the treatment on other tendons, as well as finding the minimum number of repeats needed to get lasting effects from the exercise.

Ebonie is a member of the Australian Centre for Research into Injury in Sport and its Prevention, and her research was partially funded by the Australia Institute of Sport Clinical Research Fund.


Dr. Sean Docking

Sean Docking recently completed his PhD with Prof Jill Cook at Monash University. His PhD focused on understanding how normal tendons respond to load, how the normal tendon transitions to becoming pathological, and importantly what are the critical features in tendon pathology that may limit clinical improvement. While his focus during the PhD was using ultrasound tissue characterisation, he has an interest in understanding the clinical utility of imaging in tendon pathology.

Along with publishing more than 10 papers on imaging in tendinopathy, he has consulted with national and international sporting teams in the diagnosis, monitoring and prevention of tendinopathy. 


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MasterClass - Business


Over the past three years the Podiatry Hive has worked with Podiatrists around Australia and the UK. This MasterClass will explore the very important business concepts needed to keep your business on track.

Your Ideal Business - An examination of the model of the podiatry business journey, and exploration of what the ultimate podiatry practice looks like for you.

Podiatry Business Leadership - Breaking down the barriers to becoming a successful podiatry business owner - developing true leadership as a practitioner (even if it's only you).

Building Value In Your Practice - How to identify the key areas of your business that will increase it’s value, and where to make adjustments that will turn your practice into an asset you could sell if you needed to.

The 5 Pillars of Business Development & Planning - How to plan for success across the areas of marketing, finances, systems, team and leadership.



Jonathon Heath

Jonathon Heath is CEO, and one of the founding directors of The Podiatry Hive.


He is passionate about helping Podiatry business owners balance their work and lifestyle, and has particular expertise in marketing and communications.


At The Podiatry Hive, Jonathon works to educate and support Podiatry business owners to develop their own, ideal practice, and to raise awareness about Podiatry as a profession.


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PodiatryNZ reserves the right to make changes to the MasterClass programme. 

MasterClasses are full day events. Expected CPD. Business CQI- 14 points. WoundCare CCME- 14 points. Tendinopathy - CME - 14 points