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2017 Research Grants – Applications Close 31 August 2017

The Trust was established to provide individuals with access to funding opportunities that will assist with research and educational activities in New Zealand that will achieve the following charitable purposes:

  • The promotion or delivery of podiatry related activities
  • The advancement of health outcomes through improvement in service delivery techniques
  • A reduction of health inequalities and alleviation of poverty or deprivation
  • This grant must meet the charitable purposes and must be achieved through:
  • Research leading towards improvements in health outcomes for the communities served in New Zealand

Grants of up to $5000 in any one application will be considered.


A written report (approximately 500 words, will be required within 6 weeks of completion of the project in order to share knowledge gained. The applicant may be asked to share this information at conference or another educational event.


Download the grant application form