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Sports Podiatry Consultation - July 2016

Sports Podiatry is a specialty in the management and prevention of injuries for active, energetic, positive people who want to improve their own position and performance, and we’re really pleased to be making great progress with this programme.
Please read the draft structure and the competency framework. This consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who gave feedback.
Please take the time to respond, as your contributions will help us to create a programme, which is of real value. Email your comments to PodiatryNZ.

Sports Podiatry 

The introduction of a voluntary sports programme for members who are interested in the management and prevention of injuries for active, energetic, positive people who want to improve their own position and performance. The proposed PodiatryNZ programme is based on the following components.


3 years’ minimum experience before one can embark on the Sports Programme. This will ensure that new grads have a good level of experience under their belt and have had adequate time to develop the fundamental competencies.
This accreditation will be something for students to aspire to, as part of a positive career development pathway.

How long will the accreditation take to complete? 

Minimum of 2 years.

What’s the content?

It will have a strong academic base, with a clear educational pathway to achieve competency, but the academic side won’t be so arduous that will be unachievable– it will be highly focussed on practical aspects and be presented in two parts– Fundamental & Practical.

How will the training be delivered?

Via a practical continuum model.
A 2 day residential course will initially conducted in April or May 2017 with a focus on the Fundamental Competencies. Following the 2 day residential course on Fundamental Competencies a range of additional training opportunities will be delivered for the Practical Competencies.
Other recognised programmes will be acceptable as part of the learning processes and members will be required to show attendance and/or successful completion of many approved programs e.g. relevant university post graduate programmes, overseas conferences along and other training approved by our Professional Standards Committee.

How will the competencies be assessed?

Assessment will be undertaken in a variety of ways including:
• Attendance
• On line tests
• Individual work – case study
• Collaborative workshops (best practice)
• Study Group – reviews

How will the Sports Programme accreditation benefit you?

• Improve your knowledge in this exciting field
• You will be able to promote that you have accreditation in this area
• Will raise your status and profile as a highly experienced, knowledgeable practitioner
• Will allow you to provide a wider service offering to your patients
• Will allow you to charge appropriately for your skills
• It will be a platform for which we can lobby interested parties- think ACC!
• Work closely with your like-minded peers

How much will it cost?

Once we have completed our consultation process and are able to finalise details we will be able to provide you with information on costs.


Wanted - Professionals Standards Committee for Sports Podiatry

We need some passionate individuals who want to give back through time and effort to nominate for our– senior people in the profession who ideally have a minimum of 10 years’ experience.
The Committee will be a governing body who will review the training programme and educational content to ensure they meet and exceed the standards.
To put your name forward, or for further information, please email Jennifer Pelvin or 

call  04 473 9547.