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Charitable Trust

PodiatryNZ Charitable Trust

Originally established in 2008 as the New Zealand Podiatry Education and Research Foundation (NZPERF) to raise funds for podiatry research. Fund raising auctions as part of the biennial PodiatryNZ conference were held to raise funds through the sale of donated goods.

In 2013, the Trust was updated to define the purposes of the trust.  The objects of the Trust are to advance education and relieve poverty by:

  • providing grants in support of research into the causes prevention and cure of diseases in human beings relating to podiatry.
  • providing podiatric services to people who are poor, in need, aged or suffering genuine hardship which provides them with relief.
  • disseminating information on podiatry by written, verbal and electronic forms including but not limited to publications, seminars, workshops and conferences.
  • forming arrangements and/or partnerships and alliances with any organisation which can advance the relief of poverty or provide education on or about podiatry.
  • promoting any forms of study, research and educational programmes relevant to the above purposes and the improvement of the understanding of podiatry.
  • raising awareness of any significant and relevant developments on podiatry related matters in New Zealand and overseas.
  • supporting such community services as considered necessary and feasible within the terms and objectives of the Trust and its resources.
  • supporting, where considered appropriate, information and advisory services for persons with foot and lower limb related problems and the provision of information to the general public.
  • contributing to any medical research fund or to the education of any person or persons.

The Trust is a separate entity from PodiatryNZ with the Executive Council appointing the NZPERF Trustees. The current Trustees are Michele Garrett, Caron Orelowitz and Ben Lamb.

Applications for grants are open from time to time to members interested in pursuing podiatry research in New Zealand. The amount granted to any one project will be decided by the Trustees on a case-by-case basis.

Grants are open to any New Zealand-based research team and are available to post-graduate research projects as well as to experienced researchers requiring support.

Download the grant application form