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Advisories and Submissions

Member advisories are releases or policies which inform our podiatrists on the official stance and procedure of PodiatryNZ on certain issues.


These can include policy, as well as member advice.



April 2018       Branch Funds

March 2018      Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Amendment Bill

February 2018  Mentee Application Form

January 2018   January Information Sheet

January 2018   Registration Board Update

January 2018   Training Calendar 2018

January 2018   eLearning



November 2017 Auditor Pathway

November 2017  Mentor & Coaching Application Form

November 2017  How to search for a member

October 2017   Auckland Nail Bar Submission

March 2017  Registering with Real Me and GETS

March 2017 Choosing Wisely Campaign

March 2017 Strategic Direction

March 2017 Member Survey Summary



August 2016 PodiatryNZ Clinic Handbook 

November 2015 Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct 

Novermber 2015 Complaints Process

April 2014 High Risk Foot - Diabetes

November 2015 Events Policy

November 2015 Patient Grievances

November 2015 About CPD & Points

June 2016 Members Insurance

January 2016 Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

June 2016 Aged Care Services

September 2016 Steriliser Survey

August 2016 ACC32 Treatment Request