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These video learning modules are a compulsory component of the Sports Accreditation program. This suite of 54 video, approximately 20 hours of viewing are available now, presented by Craig Payne who guides you through the Fundamentals of Sports and prepares you for the assessment for Sports Accreditation.


These video’s form part of the self-directed study program for the Fundamentals section of the Sports Accreditation Program or can be viewed as a standalone learning option.


Covering much of the required syllabus for the Fundamentals program:
1. Fundamentals of podiatric sports medicine
The pathophysiological processes relevant to podiatric practice
The origins and mechanisms of pain in the podiatric sports patient
Injury classification
Principles of injury prevention and management

2. Biomechanics and sports injury
Fundamentals of biomechanics
Biomechanical modelling of foot and lower limb function
Common anomalies of the foot and lower limb
Analysis of gait and movement patterns
Sport specific biomechanics
Design and function of footwear, orthoses, and aids and appliances
Technologies available for movement analysis

3. The medical intra-relationship of athletes
The different stages of life relative to the and sport
Considerations for the gender-specific athlete
The psychology of a sports patient
Pharmacology of a sports patient
General medical conditions affecting a sports patient

4. The application of evidence informed practice in Sports Podiatry
Fundamentals of evidence based research
Search, retrieve and integrate scientific literature
Be aware of trending topical issues

5. Professional practice
Appropriate professional work environment
Ethical and legal requirements
Appropriate consent processed
Patient/client and practitioner safety
Participate in continuing professional development
Use all media in an appropriate and responsible way
Know different treatment paradigms employed by complimentary professions
Recognise podiatric boundaries
Treatment versus prevention
Knowledge of when to refer and to whom
Referrals and their access pathways

6. Professional networks
Understanding the different treatment paradigms employed by complimentary professions
Work within podiatric boundaries
Explaining treatment versus prevention
Knowing when to refer and to whom
Making referrals through appropriate access pathways


Learn more about the Sports Accreditation program. Access a list of useful resources. Please contact us if you need any further information or clarification about the program.




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