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Sports Accreditation Pathway





This pathway for those with a specialty in the management and prevention of injuries for active, energetic, positive people who want to improve their own position and performance.


This accreditation programme is not looking to replace the role of academic institutions, rather provide an inclusive, practical pathway that you can work through at your own pace.


The pathway has a strong academic base, with a clear education pathway to achieve competency, however that academic side won’t be so overwhelming to make it unachievable. It has a high focus on practical elements.


View Framework here


The Pathway
Foundation Competencies
This is core baseline knowledge that one must know in order to pursue a sports podiatry pathway.

Opportunities to achieve foundation competencies

  • Sports Fundamentals Trainings by Craig Payne
  • Clinic Handbook developed by PodiatryNZ
  • Prior learning
  • Submissions with peer review
  • Other events (For Example: Kevin Kirby, Sports Medicine Conference)
Practical Competencies
This has been structured much in the same way as you would run a consultation. Appropriate history taking, examination techniques applicable to the sports patient, tests and investigations, interpretation, diagnoses and collaborative management. 
Opportunities to achieve practical competencies
  • PodiatryNZ Practical Sports Training
  • Self-directed learning
  • Prior learning
  • Submissions with peer review
  • PodiatryNZ Sports Workshop (May 2019)


Practical competency will be able to be achieved via a number of sources. Conferences, specific workshops that we will develop, self-directed learning and past education will be recognised.

Submissions with peer review

The following assignments are optional and contribute to achieving accreditation. Below are a selection of competency reviews/assignments/activities/task etc. Once completed and returned to PodiatryNZ, they will be reviewed by a peer. 


This style of investigation and learning is beneficial for both the reviewer and person originally completing the task. These assignments will be anonymous and PodiatryNZ will confidentially track who is submitting and reviewing.

Accessing competency

Competence will be measured in a number of ways:

  • Short online tests
  • submissions evidencing understanding of content
  • collaborative assessment workgroups
  • submission of a case study outlining a thorough understanding and application of the framework.

What achieving accreditation does for you?

  • Improve your knowledge in this exciting field
  • You will be able to promote that you have accreditation in this area
  • Will raise your status and profile as an experienced, knowledgeable practitioner
  • Will allow you to provide a wider service offering to your patients
  • Will allow you to charge appropriately for your skills
  • Work with closely related peers.